Welcome ~ I’m Emma and I offer counselling.

What I Offer
I have a supportive, responsive and flexible approach, allowing me to offer you an effective therapy to meet your individual needs. My initial training was integrative counselling & I hold a person centred, humanistic & holistic outlook.

My experience in working with trauma means I hold a trauma informed, sensitive and secure space.

The variety of approaches I find helpful include:
An empowerment model of support
Body Centred therapy
Creative therapy

To find out more about this have a look at my ‘Approaches’

Your Requirements
Maybe you are looking for short term counselling.
Maybe longer term support.
Maybe you have a particular issue, or decision to be made that you’d like to talk through.
Maybe you are experiencing a general sense of discomfort or anxiety, or your difficulties seem overwhelming.
Many people find they have difficulty describing what seems to be ‘the problem’
Many also feel they’re not sure what sort of support they may be looking for.

All of this is OK as
Our starting point will always be
~ where & how you are now ~

Working Together
Whatever you feel you need, we start with where you are now, looking to gain a deeper understanding of your situation. This deepening insight brings with it an increased sense of freedom and choice. Effective therapy enables us to live life in a more informed and conscious way instead of feeling stuck, this may involve taking action, shifting perspective, or both.

Your first appointment will be a free 30 minute consultation.
I understand the first step into counselling can take courage, it involves a deep and sometimes intimate sharing and we may feel vulnerable. So I offer this first session, by phone or online, for you to ask anything you need to ask about counselling, or my approach, giving you the opportunity to know if you feel safe and comfortable with me as a counsellor.

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Feel welcome to contact me if you have any queries.