My Approach

My way of working

I offer an intuitive, integrative approach. Allowing me to offer you a therapy that will be most supportive, effective and appropriate to your individual needs.

Being Heard
Simply talking or sitting quietly with someone who is listening deeply to what you are saying, can be a hugely supportive experience.

Body Centred Therapy
Body Centred therapy can be deeply effective in exploring & releasing the adverse effects of trauma. Whilst supporting people who have experienced sexual & domestic violence, I have found this to be invaluable.

Body Centred therapy, also referred to as Somatic therapy, integrates a client’s physical experience into the therapeutic process. Working in this way we are more able to recognise the connection between our felt sense of the body and our psychological and emotional well being. The body becomes a resource for increased awareness and healing.

I offer an empowerment model of support as I believe the difficult circumstances we experience often deprive us of our sense of agency and self worth. Working with empowerment can redefine our sense of self and renew our capacity for living more fully.

Mindfulness and relaxation
Relaxation and mindfulness techniques not only help alleviate the symptoms of stress but allow us to see things more clearly and as such can be useful practises to support a counselling session.

Creative Expression
If you find it hard to put what you’re thinking and feeling into words or prefer to explore and reflect creatively, we can also use drawing, painting, sand tray, modelling and story cards.

Some of my underlying principles

  • That offering acceptance of a person just as they are and meet whatever is arising with compassion and sensitivity can facilitate deeper awareness & healing

  • We all have a natural capacity for health and healing that strengthens when it is supported and nurtured

  • Therapy is a collaborative process of growth & understanding, it is rarely directive

  • When old habits are noticed and acknowledged, we find more freedom, choice & clarity, we become better able to make more informed choices for ourselves

  • We often get stuck in old ideas about ourselves that may no longer be true. When we consider these beliefs more deeply, with support, we are able to refresh them, allowing for broader possibilities and a more comfortable sense of self

  • Using felt sense of our physical body we are better able to remain in the present moment, giving us a firm, safe anchor from which to acknowledge the past, process trauma and understand more fully how we feel

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